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Dear angels in white:




2020, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been raging across the country on the eve of the Spring Festival. People are trying to stay away from the virus, but you are going in the opposite direction, fighting day and night in the front line of the epidemic. For the sake of people s health, we should bring the hope of life to others and leave the danger to ourselves.


You walk in the opposite direction, leaving countless people in tears. I saw your countless touching deeds through the TV news, and shed tears for many times. In my heart, you are the most beautiful angel in white, the killer of disease.


According to the news, Professor Dong zongqi, 86 years old, although you are supposed to live in your old age at home, you are still at the forefront in case of illness. Many people are worried about your body, but you say, what am I doing for my whole life, not just to save people? ? I am in good physical and mental condition. I can bear it. No problem!


My father and mother are also medical workers. They didn t have a holiday during the Spring Festival, but I was placed in my grandfather s house. I haven t seen them for nearly 10 days. I think they ll call them and wechat videos when they do, but they re always busy and hang up when they can t say a few words. However, I don t blame them, because my father told me that the virus won t have a holiday because of the Spring Festival. They don t have a rest just to get rid of the disease as soon as possible and let us live a normal and happy life!


So, I made an agreement with my grandparents: listen to my father, mother and teacher, stay at home as much as possible, don t go outside, don t visit, study hard, have a rest, and don t cause trouble to the country.


Father, mother and all angels in white, please protect yourself and take good care of yourself!


Wuhan, come on! China, come on!




Come back healthy and safe


This year s Spring Festival is the most worrying Spring Festival I have ever had. As novel coronavirus broke out in Wuhan and spread rapidly to China, with the increasing number of confirmed cases and the increasing number of deaths, with the news constantly rolling, most areas were in a predicament of lack of materials, lack of medical care and lack of beds. All the pictures make me sad! I fell into the ice hole like a sudden, the struggle, the helplessness, the panic, there is no place to put!


There is such a picture that I can t help crying and thinking.


A nurse in Henan has been fighting at the forefront of the epidemic since the beginning of the new year, and has not returned home for more than ten days. The 9-year-old daughter brought dumplings to her mother, and she cried Mom! Mom... , and his mother in the hospital gate air hug, long time did not leave.


As a child of the same age, if my mother has been working in a dangerous place, if I don t see her for ten and a half days, I can t imagine how much missing and suffering I will have in my heart. It s infinite worry and concern for my mother.


There are tens of thousands of white clad angels who, like this nurse, give up their reunion with their families and fight day and night in the front line during the Spring Festival. They are all worthy of our praise and memory.


I salute the angels in white. In the face of difficulties, regardless of their own safety, they march forward bravely and sacrifice their lives to save people. We can at least hide at home to isolate the virus, but they have no way out. They are great rebels!


I salute the angels in white. They are not gods. They are just ordinary people. They are also the children of their parents, the parents of their children. Many of them have fallen, even died. They are supported by their inner social responsibility. They are the real heroes in my heart.


I salute the angels in white, their fearlessness, their society


Brilliant starry sky, who is the real hero, ordinary people touched me the most. whenever I hear the lyrics, it reminds me of those lovely and beautiful angels, who are the medical workers fighting in the front line.


This Spring Festival, a different spring festival, a virus with corolla broke into our life and became our enemy. A war without gunpowder started like this.


In this battle, the most beautiful people are those angels in white. When the battle trumpet sounded, they gave up their vacation and went all out to do well in the treatment of patients. Regardless of their own life safety, they resolutely chose to go to the battlefield. Did they have any concerns? Yes, they have families, loving parents and lovely children, but they have given up their small family for everyone. What a noble spirit it is! When there was a shortage of medical staff in Wuhan, they signed up to go straight to the front line. I heard from my mother that some of them had already gone to Wuhan for help. These heroes rushed to the battlefield, day and night, fighting with the persistent killer of people s health, coronavirus pneumonia, in a big fight of life and death. How can we not be moved. Come on, Wuhan! With the help of medical workers, you will be able to overcome the disease and regain your health.


The darkness will pass, and we will usher in the dawn. When we wait for the spring to bloom, it is our time to win. We salute the angels who are fighting in the front line. Please protect yourself and come back safely!


After the outbreak of the epidemic in Wuhan, all regions supported Wuhan and bravely went to the front to contain the epidemic!


In these days when the virus appears, there are many moving pictures every day. Those soldiers who are fighting in the front line are working silently in their posts to protect the health of patients. They give up rest and give up the time to be reunited with their families to fight with the virus! Although they are facing danger and difficulty, they are still retrograde. Some doctors and nurses fall asleep when they lean on the door for 24 hours. They wear white isolation clothes for several hours. Their clothes are wet. There are traces on their faces beside their eyes. Every time I see these, I am moved to cry!


Pay homage to the medical staff on the front line! You have worked hard! It is your selfless dedication that brings countless people s health! We are confident to defeat the epidemic situation! China refueling Wuhan refueling!


Come on, angel in white!


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